Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Trolltooth Wars

Hello, my old friend.
Been 9 months since my last post. Probably will be another 9 before the next one. 

Anyway, PJ Montgomery (he's one of the writers for Stiffs) collared Steve Jackson, one of the co-founders of Fighting Fantasy, and demanded/threatened him into giving us the rights to butcher Steve's first novel set in the Fighting Fantasy universe. After PJ bought the rights and wrote up the script (which is excellent and I will change almost every word) he flung it my way and said "I won't pay you but it'll be great exposure!" to which I replied "I'll do it!"

So this is where I'm at. In all seriousness though I am super jazzed for this book. I've wanted to do a "Fantasy" comic for a while now and this is perfect! PJ really has done a great job updating and adapting the story whilst keeping it true to the original book.  Also I'm colouring and lettering it. I'm going to really tire myself out but that's the price you pay for having an ego unable to cope with relinquishing creative control. Here you can see the first 3 pages (one below is a double page spread). 
It's going to be 130+ pages, it's going to take a while and we're kinda self financing this (self published and distributing) so we're going to have a Kickstarter set up soon. I'll post more details about that when we're ready but suffice to say we have some sweet rewards planned.