Saturday, 3 March 2012

CICE 2: LeChuck's Revenge

 Last weekend was the second year for the Cardiff Com-Con! I had a fantastic time, catching up with old friends and the like! I didn't buy nearly enough new comics (in fact none!) but this will be amended for Bristol! The main reason for my lack of purchasing was my involvement with the guys at the Lou Scannon table.Another reason is that every con Dan Harris and I attend (2 so far) we have to draw each other some sort of Monkey Island themed piece of art. This year we settled on our favourite sequential scene. Mine was the graveyard scene and Dan's the spitting competition. The pictures alone tell 75% of the story, so I'll leave it to them. Oh and go vote for Lou Scannon for the Eagle Awards best Black and White British comic! 
Hock. Swish. Phoot!

Me checking out the latest issue of Lou Scannon. Kris performing gang insignias with his hands.

Garr! I'm going to have me a veggie burger!
Drawing on an ipad. Picture can be found here.

Our Monkey Island sketches.

Team Scannon! Great Job!

A super quick sketch of Dan Harris.