Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 (fuck your couch)

This weekend just gone saw me return to Leeds for the annual comic con Thought Bubble and the one thing that it always promises is a good time.
I figured the best way to illustrate my time in Leeds would be with photos.
    Team Scannon.
    Team Stiffs.

    Thrilled to be here!
    My contribution to the ComAnon charity sketch off. 

    Stiffs T-shirt! still available!

    Sometimes I'm the life and soul of a party.

    Kicking arse and taking names!

    The standard Monkey Island sketch off. Dan Harris won this year.

    All in all I had a smashing time! I think next year I'll be taking many more pictures and try and string some sort of narrative together. Cardiff in March is looking to be insane!